Thank you so much for taking the time to help me out in my research!

I know to you this was just a survey, but the truth is this is the opportunity for women to catch a glimpse into each other’s lives.

To see that most of us think we have to act perfect, but that most believe we never will be.

To know that there is an amount of depression and anxiety amongst women that is saddening to see.

And to recognize that we would be able to grow away from these things if we choose to take it on together.

The modern day woman wrestles with anxiety, depression, loneliness, & overwhelm more than any woman before her.

What she doesn't know is that it doesn't have to stay this way.

I have spent the past few years researching the effects of “life living” on the lives people live.

In others words, I’ve been paying attention to the impact that things as simple as grocery shopping and social media have on our levels of joy and abundance, and have begun to work with women to find some hope that life can be better than this.

For most of my life I have dealt with “overwhelm.”

I was overwhelmed by my dislike for myself, which caused debilitating anxiety. I was overwhelmed with what other people thought of me and feeling the need to be perfect,which sent me into seasons of extreme depression.  I didn’t know how to build healthy, valuable relationships, so I was constantly overwhelmed with loneliness. Having to work a full time job, while maintaining a home, caring for myself and figuring out how to do life was completely overwhelming to me and left me feeling incapable and like a failure.

I felt that most other people were doing all of these things so naturally, and then there was me. On the outside. Struggling.

I desperately craved more, and knew I couldn’t live my whole life like this.

So, I began researching. Nearly every waking moment was spent reading, documenting, and questioning my entire existence. And through all of the digging, blogging, coaching- I found that of all the pieces to the puzzle, these were the most consistent and valuable lessons I learned:

  • Cyclical Living- allowing nature to have a part in your life
  • Relational Living- vulnerability is the key
  • Mindful Living- you have to choose your happiness
  • Simplified Living- less is more

When I started implementing these things, my life changed.

My relationships were more authentic and valuable. My life became more peaceful, and I developed routines that helped everything flow more smoothly. I started actually liking myself, finding value in who I am, and working to bring value to others’ lives.

My life became abundant.

I sent this survey to you, because at some point in my life I viewed you as someone who had it all together. I’ve since realized that I’m not the only one who works to keep it looking like I have it all together, but under the surface is really struggling.

I know what it feels like to be weighed down by chaos, stress, depression, and the inability to share your truth, then not knowing where to start to change it. If you are dealing with any of these things, I don’t want you to do it alone.

Which is exactly why I want to invite you to join Fullness Community.

After starting and running in-person groups that help women build a better life, I decided to expand the knowledge and make it more available for everyone.

So, out came Fullness Community, an online community of courageous, authentic women who desire to simplify their lives by living mindfully, intentionally and FULLY without fear of judgement or rejection, even when they have no idea where to start, all while making intimate friendships and learning to love themselves and others deeply.

It will be launching in April and I think your voice would be an incredible asset. You have insight and stories that will make a difference in other’s lives. On top of that, I truly believe this community will bring you abundance, joy, and acceptance.

Here is what others have experienced by allowing my influence of community into their lives.

“The New Moon Circle that Kylie has put together has helped me to feel more connected to women that I would have not had the opportunity to know otherwise. We share our hearts, our journeys, our triumphs and our frailties in a safe, accepting and loving environment. Each month I look forward to the evening we get to spend together to learn, grow and heal through the laughter and tears. I am so thankful that Kylie followed her heart by starting the Circle. She has a heart of gold and wants to share it with women!”

“Kylie always inspires me with the way she is able to hold such high standards in living out her dream. I admire the way she commands and holds boundaries to protect herself and her loved ones, and shows others how to do the same. Using simple prompting she has been able help me see that although I view myself as a balanced woman (although I do run in a lot of directions), there is definitely a need to improve my personal life. Even though I live a joy filled life, she has inspired me to look further into it, seek more balance, and find more quiet time.
I believe Kylie is one who will help inspire and challenge women just like myself to bring balance to their very busy lives."
– Janel

“Kylie is one of the most kind-hearted, genuine women I've ever known. Her heart is one of peace, grace, humility, wisdom and love. Being around her always brings me an overwhelming feeling of peace, encouragement and love. I continually feel deeply honored and loved by her even in the little things. I highly respect and love her and know that any woman would be encouraged, inspired and blessed simply by knowing her."
– Rachel

As a thank you for taking this survey, and because I’d love to dig into your heart and life a bit more I would love to offer you the first two months of The Fullness Community for FREE.

What you can expect to find:

  • Our own online community away from the pressures and distraction of other social sites
  • One on one connection with me, others in your area, and people with similar interests
  • Relationships with like-minded women
  • Weekly Challenges built to enhance your life
  • Talks with Experts
  • Information about Full Living that you won’t find anywhere else
  • Live Q & A’s
  • Coaching from Kylie

This is a $500/ month value completely free for you to have a FULL LIFE.

And because I appreciate my Founder’s, the ones who are supporting me in making my dream happen and taking a chance to improve their lives, if you sign up within the month of April you will be locked into a $25/ month rate, no matter how high the membership goes up.

You will still receive TWO MONTHS FREE, no matter what.

The more people who join, the higher the rate will go, so that we can keep the community intimate, close, and filled with women who are serious about taking control of their life, instead of watching it slip by.

Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your life and surround yourself with valuable new relationships.

You don’t have to live feeling unorganized, alone, and like a hot mess everyday.

You can live abundantly, purposefully, and intimately for $25/ month after two FREE months.

My goal is to enhance your life so if you feel that The Fullness Community isn’t adding value to your life, you can unsubscribe at anytime.

Don’t let the fear of not knowing where to start get in your way anymore.

Have all of the information you need to rid yourself of the loneliness, chaos, and discontent right at your fingertips. Have access to ask a Coach any questions you would like, without having to pay high coaching fees or dig through the self help section.

You’ll never regret investing yourself. You deserve this chance.

Thank you again for all of your help in this journey. I truly look forward to going further in the growth process with you, and watching our lives grow together.

Love, Kylie Ugarte