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Kylie Ugarte

I live in the Kansas City area with my husband, dog, and two cats (of whom my heart truly belongs.) Writing, guiding meditation, hosting Community Circles, and coaching women through anxiety, panic, and depression is my work and passion, but is balanced with cultivating intimate relationships with my husband, family, and dear friends, as well as digging into constant self-awareness and education.

Guiding you to live a more intentional life, while developing authentic relationships is my goal in connecting with you. Join me in online community, in person Community Circle, or on a coffee date. I hope to see into your world, and help you find ways to make it simpler, more meaningful, and memorable every day.

I have sat where you are sitting. Maybe not the exact chair you are in, but that feeling. The wave of emotions you experience on a day to day basis. I have lived without a sense of my purpose. I have lived with a sense of purpose, but no clue how to get there. I have struggled with debilitating anxiety, lack of discipline, no understanding of how to get my life to feel like it’s on track. I have compared myself to the women around me wondering why I don’ fit in, and if I ever will. I’ve felt misplaced, misaligned and overwhelmed by every last piece of it.

I won’t begin to tell you that I never experience any of those things anymore. In fact I will tell you that they still come up on a daily basis.

The Difference?

I am no longer broken down by it. My value and worth no longer rests in these feelings. Instead I am founded on a principle understanding of who I am, what my core desires and emotions are, and have created systems in order to follow them.

I want to help you do the same.

“The more we live from the inside-out, in harmony with the seasons of our hearts and lives, the more our innate human qualities can express themselves effortlessly."

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